Sunday, March 22, 2009

Support your local bookstores!

Please support your local bookstores!

Years ago, we frequented an independent bookshop in New York City on First Avenue, in the low 50s. It was run by a wonderful man, who was friendly and helpful to all his customers. We received terrific information and recommendations from him, and our selections of books were usually available, or quickly obtained. We enjoyed chatting with him about various topics, as well as about books and writers.

While we have long forgotten specific conversations and recommendations, here is one story I'd like to share. I was looking for a good Italian cookbook and didn't know what to choose. He recommended one to me, telling me it was his wife's favorite: The Classic Italian Cookbook by Marcella Hazan. I bought it and am still very grateful for this terrific recommendation. I have cooked many, many wonderful dinners using recipes from this book.

Unfortunately, this man was forced to close his shop a few years later. He told us it was because he simply could not compete with the bigger booksellers.

I have just read this article in today's New York Times:

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